We can only wonder how it was then centuries ago, Waimamaku is the valley and Waiotemarama is in the Gorge. In this area I have been told very little by a few Maori people. The pa close to the corner of Waiotemarama Gorge Road is called Kaiparaheka and there was once a chief called Whareumu. His brother also a chief called Tarahahape resided on a pa in Waimamaku called Kukutaiapa. It is told that they spoke to each other between these pas about important events. Each time I drive past Kaiparaheka, I can only wonder how people lived. It has a sense of mystery and I was told that only when the time is right will the hills tell their story and the time is not right yet, for more healing of the past has yet to be done. Kaiparaheka is sacred ground. As for the valley, I have been told that back in time the land was used for crops, food to feed local tribes. Now there is still a sense of how it was then, even though the Europeans have made their mark.

For more early Maori and European history you can view the following web site: and click on history.


"I visited Jillyan for a Kahuna massage and had a wonderful experience. The massage technique that Jillyan uses brought me to a place of reflection, and truly cleansed me both physically and emotionally. I highly recommend Jillyan's treatments."
(From Steph, a thankful neighbour)

"I have suffered from various ailments since being involved in a car accident in 2001. Jillyan's Kahuna massage has relieved pain in my shoulders, back and neck. I have felt more relaxed and less anxious after treatments with Jillyan. I have also had some Reiki treatment on my neck for pain and this also has relieved pain and tension in shoulders and neck. I would recommend this treatment to everybody."
(From Meredith, a thankful neighbour)

"I have been treated by many practitioners in the past using many different modalities, but Jillyan's work with Kahuna & Huna healing is the only treatment from which I have noticed ongoing benefits. At times her work has been almost miraculous, and I see things changing in my life, my attitudes and behaviour changing to serve me better, allowing me to believe in myself, being free to dream, to achieve and to take on new challenges."
With thanks - Margaret Mason NSW Australia

"Jillyan is a loving, gifted, intuitive, deeply caring woman, who is highly skilled and extremely creative in her work. She has the ability to be compassionate yet strong, humourous yet tough, clairvoyant, yet totally in the moment. For the first time, I have a real sense of my own worth, on all levels, and a growing joy at discovering my own beauty and value. This has spilled over into all areas of my life, so that the writing and performing work that I am now engaged on, reflects these qualities. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone, anywhere in the world, as an exceptional and trusted practitioner."
Shirlie Roden, London September 1995