In 1998 Rena requested a session with me and ended up having three during the filming of the sequel of "Once Were Warriors". Following the these sessions, Rena in due course moved to LA from which we are still in contact by email.




During your stay, whether it be for one day or longer, you will receive the benefit of one - on - one attention. Whether you come on your own, as a couple, a family or as a group, personal attention will be given to each person. This will include any or all of the following.

  • Reiki healing
  • Kahuna Bodywork/massage
  • Hypnotherapy & NLP
  • Spiritual guidance on your path

Much depends on your personal needs. Some may be experiencing burnout from a high stress lifestyle, or relationship problems including divorce/separation. Others may be wishing to change their direction in life. When one is convalescing from an illness, this is a perfect time for healing to improve ones immune system against further disease.

Other conditions in need of healing

  • Hypertension and heart problems
  • Back pain and chronic headaches
  • Chest infections and flu
  • Pregnancy and gynaecological problems
  • Menopause
  • Asthma
  • Reflux and abdominal problems
  • Head injury

A one-on-one healing programme can involve all or any of the above modalities and conditions, or you may just want some tender loving care.

Background Experience

Jillyan's interest and experience in healing dates back to when she healed her headaches for life at age twelve years old. This important event, led her to continue exploring the art of healing when she began her nursing training.

As a public health nurse in Auckland and community health nurse in Adelaide Australia she developed self-help systems to inspire improved community health. At the Adelaide teachers college she studied with an anthropologist for three years called 'Enthnoscience' an integrated study which assisted her in her work with people in the health centre, where many people benefited from her healing abilities. Having completed a basic massage course at this time she developed a healing system she called 'Focus Therapy'. This system was based on a wide range of modalities such as psychosynthesis, transactional analysis, gestalt therapy and intuitive/spiritual healing.

In 1989 she trained in Kahuna Bodywork/massage first in Hawaii, and then back in New Zealand with the Kahuna and his students. Kahuna Bodywork/massage is an energetic, rhythmic, in-depth massage, which attends to the whole being, creating a magnitude for total change. In London she trained in Hypnotherapy NLP and psychotherapy and ran a practice there for over four years. Before returning to New Zealand, she was invited to work in Slovenia where she ran four workshops on personal development and gave many sessions over six months. From 1998 - 2004 Jillyan spent this time in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia where she worked as a nurse, gave many sessions to clients and ran a six month course on Huna Healing. On her return to New Zealand she continued working as a nurse until 2006 and continued seeing clients. During this time Jillyan completed Reiki Master Training so can now teach students.

What is Reiki?

* A safe hands-on healing energy. * A tool for self improvement, which addresses Mind, Body & Spirit. * Helps keep your body's system in balance. * Reduces stress and pain. * Speeds up the healing process. * Is not a form of massage. * Works along side modern day medicine.

The above offers an overview of Jillyan's background training and experience.